Surrey Latin Festival

We will wait for you July 13-14-15

Surrey Latin Festival is the place where you will enjoy the Latin culture, its food, dance, folklore, music and performance, in the company of your family and friends. Come and live the best of summer

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Our Artists

Sonora Maya


Sonora Dinamita


Surrey Latin Festival, is an event of great importance that would not be possible without the collaboration and work of the volunteers. Participating actively in the festival team is a unique and rewarding experience, where you can develop your professional skills, make friends and have fun while contributing to highlight the Latin American culture in Canada.

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About Us

Surrey Latin Festival is the great event for the entire community of Surrey and British Columbia, where Latin American cultural diversity is exposed. A place where attendees will enjoy live music, performances, typical foods and much more. The festival will be held on July 13, 14 and 15, 2018 and is approved by the City of Surrey. Come and live the best of summer.

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What are you waiting for? Remember that whoever does not invest in advertising to save money, is like the one who stops the clock to stop the time.

The Surrey Latin Festival will be attended by more than 100 local artists and 2 international orchestras, which will make these three days the most memorable of all the summer of 2018. The audience can have fun, dance and share with family and friends, to the rhythm of Latin American and Caribbean music.


Our Festival is made thanks to the commitment of other organizations that help us to achieve
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